Once you’ve got the basics laid out for what kind of set up is going into your big day, it’s time to actually take those pieces and fit them into your floor plan. Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness to how everything fits in the room. There are reasons why certain things go certain places and things you don’t want to be left scrambling to find space for.


These are the basics to every floor plan. It’s almost certain you’ll have all of these things you need to make room for:

  • Guest seating tables
  • Head or sweetheart table
  • Dance floor
  • Bar
  • Cake/Dessert Table

Don’t Forget:

There are other things that you might not have, but if you do, don’t forget to add them to your floor plan. 

  • Gift table
  • Guest book table (can usually be combined with the gift table)
  • Escort card table or area for seating chart
  • Family/memorial table
  • Favor display
  • Champagne wall
  • Greenery wall

Put This There:

Once you’ve decided what you’re including, time to start placing. The dance floor will likely be the main attraction, so you want all your guest tables to surround it. Usually the dance floor will face the DJ or band. Whatever kind of head seating you decide on, whether that be a sweetheart table, king’s table or traditional head table, will usually go in the center of the room. Everyone likes to have a view of the newlyweds!

Once you’ve got the heart of your floor plan set, fill in from there. You’ll want your bar(s) away from the entrance to avoid a bottleneck and ideally, at least one, close to the dance floor for easy access during dancing! Your cake/dessert table should be visible to everyone, but not in the way so it doesn’t get bumped (unless the cake table is on wheels and will be wheeled away after the ceremonial cutting!). 

Your seating chart or escort cards should be by the entrance so guests can easily find their seats before heading into the room. Same goes for the gift/guest book table. If you have a separate space for cocktail hour, it’s best to put these things in that space. Same with a family/memorial display so that while guests are up walking around during cocktail hour, they can peruse all of your decorative details. 

Photo Courtesy of Southern Exchange Ballrooms

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