You’ve set the date and chosen your venue, now it’s time to let the world know! Okay, maybe not the world but definitely your family and friends. If you are going to give your loved ones a heads up, make sure you do it the right way with a formal save the date.


Who gets one?

Anyone on your “definitely inviting” list should get a save the date. If you have a “maybe inviting” B-list, then hold off on sending save the dates to that group. A save the date is essentially an informal invitation, so keep that in mind when drafting your list. 


Luckily, you don’t need to decide quite yet if kids will be invited or who you will give a plus one to. You can address the save the date just to the person or couple you intend to invite and when it comes time to send the invitation, then include the additional names of any kids or plus ones. 


What should be included?

Obviously, your date should be included, so should the city and location of the wedding. The actual venue location doesn’t need to be included, but a link to your wedding website is helpful to direct your guests to for more information. 


Also, a notice that the formal invitation is to follow is typically included. It really is just the basic information a guest would need so they can mark the date on their calendar and make any necessary travel plans. 


When should they be sent?

The sweet spot for save the dates to be sent is 7-10 months out. Any earlier and guests will likely forget or lose the announcement. Any later and you may lose guests to other commitments.


If you want to use engagement pictures on your save the date, make sure to schedule your engagement photo session with enough time to get edited photos back from your photographer. 


How should they look?

Well, first decide how you want to deliver them. Typically, they are a mailed card, but nowadays it is more acceptable to send an online version, especially if your budget is tight. If you go with the mailing route, will you do a traditional card in envelope? Or will you opt for a postcard? Or maybe you want something a little more untraditional like a magnet. 


Second, decide what you want them to look like. Will you include an engagement picture? The good news is a save the date can be a totally different design from the rest of your wedding day paper goods. Take the opportunity to go with something a little more fun and show off your personalities. 


Then, look at your options, make your decision and place your order. From the online shops, to brick and mortar paper good stores, you are bound to find something you love! 


Photo Credit: Moving Mountains Studios