A beauty trial is a practice run so you can see how your hair and makeup will look on wedding day. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is definitely important, so we are answering all your questions about beauty trials. 


When should I do it?

The sweet spot for a beauty trial is between three to six months. Any earlier and you will probably end up wanting to change your look. Any later and you miss the chance for a retrial or, if worse comes to worst, to switch artists. 


Also, remember after your trial you will be all dolled up so take advantage of looking your best and schedule your trial on a day when you have an event like your bridal shower or at the very least, schedule a date night! It can also be a good idea to schedule your trial on the same day you have a dress fitting, so you can see your whole look put together. 


How should I prep?

Before your trial, make sure you have your wedding dress, otherwise it will be hard to picture your whole wedding day look together. Bring pictures of your dress with you so you can show your artist, so they can also visualize your entire look. You should also have picture inspiration and an idea of your beauty style before your trial. If you have an idea of what you want already, your trial will go much smoother. 


The night before your trial, wash your hair and leave it free of product. You want your hair to be dry and as natural as possible for the trial. Leave your face product free before the trial, too. Make sure to bring your veil or any other hair accessories with you so your artist can see how to work them into your look. 


What should I look for?

At the trial, pay attention to how long it takes so you can get an idea of how long it might take on wedding day, so you can create a beauty timeline. Also, if you aren’t loving how something is turning out, speak up! Trust us, your artist won’t be offended and you’ll be the only one disappointed in the end if you don’t say something. That’s exactly what a trial is for anyways! 


Take some pictures and see how you like the look on camera. Is your lipstick not bright enough? Are your eyes not popping like you’d hoped? Also, pay attention to how things hold up throughout the day. Are the curls falling loose or is the whole updo drooping? How is your lipstick lasting? 


Should I make any changes?

Yes! If you didn’t like something or something didn’t hold up well, definitely let your artist know so they can readjust for wedding day. Most minor tweaks, like heavier lip color or more hairspray, are easy changed but if you were totally unhappy with your look, consider asking for a retrial to try a new look.


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Photo Credit: J.P. Lord Photography