catering tasting can be overwhelming, it’s a lot of food in a short period of time and we get it, the food coma is real. Don’t let a food coma keep you from asking all the important questions you know you should be asking! Be prepared with this list of questions and details to pay attention to at your wedding catering tasting.


Look for:

  1. Taste: First and foremost, you want the food at your wedding to taste good, so make sure, above everything else, you like the way something tastes. That means everything from the texture to the flavor, and the sauce to the ingredients.


  1. Portion Size. You also want to make sure that portion sizes are appropriate. Sure, that means making sure that there is enough on the plate to fill a regular sized adult, but that also means making sure the hors d’oeuvres you choose are appropriately sized. Nothing is worse than trying to balance a drinkin one hand and trying to eat an oversized appetizer with a knife and fork.


  1. Presentation. It’s also important to make sure things are going to look nice. A wedding is about aesthetic, and your food should be treated no differently. How is the meal going to look on the plate? How will appetizers be served? What kind of platters will be used?



  1. Where/when is it all prepared? 
  2. How do you handle dietary restrictions? 
  3. Do you offer bar packages? If so, what are our options?
  4. Will you have linens/flatware? What are the options?
  5. Any additional décor you provide, like decorative plates or chargers?


What’s “Normal:”

When the tasting is done, there might be changes you want to make. What’s an appropriate thing to request to change? Well, anything really. Keep in mind some of these common changes so you can be sure your selections are perfect.

  • If you tasted an entrée with a side, but prefer the side from a different dish, no hard feelings in switching the sides. 
  • If something didn’t have cheese (or an other ingredient) or enough of said ingredient, ask to add some. 
  • Same can be said for sauce, if you want less or more sauce, or even a totally different sauce for that matter.
  • If there was a specific ingredient that you weren’t a fan of, say sundried tomatoes in the orzo, ask for the dish to be made without that specific item for your wedding day. 


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Photo Credit [vetted] Jolie Connor Photography