The morning of your wedding when you’re getting ready is such a fun time! It can also be a great opportunity for photographs. Starting photo coverage when you’re putting the final touches on your hair and makeup is a great idea so you can have a few photos of you and your friends before you’re officially in your dress! If you are planning on gifting things to your bridal party for them to wear while you’re getting ready, then this post is for you...

Robes are a great and easy thing to wear while getting ready on the morning of your wedding, and there are so many styles to choose from! For spring and summer weddings, they are light and make a great gift for friends. If you are having a hair and makeup artist travel to meet you in your home or another getting ready location, these are perfect because they are easy to slip in and out of.

Button-Up Shirts
Button-up shirts are awesome for getting ready in cooler seasons — you can get them in a variety of materials and can add personal touches like monograms or names! If you’re having your hair and makeup done at a salon, you don’t have to worry about wearing a robe out in public... that sounds like the perfect win-win scenario.

Dressing Gown
Want some boudoir pictures on the morning of your wedding? Investing in a beautiful dressing gown might be the right choice for you! If your photographer starts coverage early enough, they can get some photos of you in your dressing gown after hair and makeup but before you're in your dress. After all, when are you going to look more beautiful?