People often think hiring a wedding planner is a luxury. What they don’t realize is that planners are a necessity, like any other vendor on your team. They can make a big difference because you are hiring someone who has a ton of experience doing what you’ve, most likely, never done before. 




But what type of planner is right for you?


Coordinator– You have a pretty good hold on planning and feel you can get pretty far in the process on your own. But what about the small things that people don’t think about? There are a lot of things, especially toward the end of planning, that need to get done and executed properly to make your wedding day seamless.


A coordinator will help you think through the logistics of wedding day, make sure your day flows well and that you actually get to be a guest on wedding day. They often join your team anywhere from one week to two months before wedding day. Tasks often include:

  • Timeline creation and distribution
  • Confirmation of final details with vendors
  • On-site coordination for your rehearsal and wedding day
  • Coordination of vendor arrival and set up
  • Set up of personal items on wedding day
  • Coordination of wedding day timeline


Planner– You feel pretty overwhelmed by planning, whether that’s budgeting or picking the right vendors for you (hint, Bustld can help with that!). That’s where a planner can help! Planners help with everything from planning how the day will run; budgeting; choosing vendors that work for your style and budget; designing the day and more. 


There are different types of services that planners offer, with partial and full being the two most common. A partial planner will (just like it sounds!) help you with some elements of planning while a full-service planner will assist with every element of planning. Planners join the team at the beginning of planning and help through the end of wedding day. Tasks often include:

  • Creating a budget based on your priorities
  • Developing a plan for planning tasks
  • Assistance in designing your day
  • Selection of your venue and / or vendors
  • Development of floor plan and timeline
  • Help with wedding stationary
  • Guest list assistance
  • Coordination of wedding day


Still not sure if you need to hire a planner? We’ve got some pro tips for you to watch below:



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Photo Credit: Mint to Be Weddings