That time has come. You have been asked to marry your best friend and you are thinking of your wedding day. There are so many moving parts to a wedding, and it can be a little overwhelming. On top of choosing your colors, attendants and venue, you also have to choose which vendors you will book. 

If you are considering booking a bridal makeup artist, then stick around. I will be giving you a quick cheat sheet to help you know when to hire a bridal makeup artist.

When do you start?

Engagements on average are 12 to 16 months long. That is a long time to plan but remember you are most likely planning and booking many vendors. When is the right time to hire a makeup artist for your wedding? Generally speaking, you should hire the makeup artist after you have chosen your wedding date, wedding location and have an estimated wedding day timeline

Most makeup artists will want to know what your vision is for your hair, dress, jewelry and wedding colors so your makeup can fit right in to the entire wedding day theme. 

What is the timeline?

Below I have included a bridal makeup artist timeline that you can reference during your wedding planning process:

8-10 month before wedding: Start researching potential bridal makeup artist
6-8 months before wedding: Book your bridal makeup artist
2-3 months before wedding: Book your trial run
1-2 months before wedding: Have trial run and finalize wedding day look and timeline.

What to ask?

You have your timeline and you are about to start the booking process but what do you ask the artist? Besides asking them what products they use there are other important details to discuss with her. If you would like to get a list of 20 questions to ask your potential bridal makeup artist simply click here, enter your email, and it will coming right to your inbox!

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Photo: Katy Murray Photography