Planning a wedding locally isn’t always easy, so when you take out locality it only complicates the situation. What meetings should you go in person for and what happens if you can’t always make it back? Let’s talk through it!

Essentially, you should plan to take three trips to your wedding destination for planning purposes. Try to pick these dates out ahead of time so that you can get on every vendor’s calendar early to ensure they have availability when you are in town. Not only should you try to schedule early, but also be efficient with scheduling! You will probably have to schedule multiple meetings a day to make the most out of your time.

Initial Visit

On the initial visit, you start with your basics: location and style. First and foremost being to decide on your location. There’s nothing like seeing your wedding venue in person to be able to imagine your day there. While on the idea of imagining your wedding day look, it’s also a good idea to use your initial visit to start styling your wedding. This would mean working with your floriststylist, planner or caterer on how you envision the space. 

Midway Way Visit

About halfway through planning is an ideal time to head back to town for some more meetings. This is a great time for your catering and cake tastings, as well as a meeting with your entertainment to start thinking about music. Another great use of this trip would be engagement pictures if you hired a local photographer and your beauty trial, since you might not be back in town before wedding day. 

Final Visit

Lastly, your final visit can wrap into your wedding day travel plans. If you are able, plan to come to town a few days early so you can wrap up the last minute details. 

If there’s just no way you can make it back multiple times, find someone local that you trust to be your point of contact. Not only that but meeting virtually. Facetime your MOH who can attend your floral design meeting, so it feels like you are there with them. Good communication is key when it comes to your vendor team and luckily there are so many new ways to communicate thanks to technology!

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Photo: Emily Meeks Photography