You can’t wait to spend the morning of your wedding getting pampered with all your bridesmaids with mimosa in hand – right?! Well, have you thought about where exactly it is that you will be getting pampered? Don’t let picking your getting ready location slip through the cracks! Not sure what the options are? That’s what we are here for!



The most obvious choice would be a room at the hotel you where you are hosting your room block. Especially if you have a suite for the night of the wedding, it is usually an easy option (and convenient for your bridesmaids if they are staying there too!). Some things to consider if you decide on a hotel room as you’re getting ready spot:

  • Make sure there is enough space for you and all your girls to comfortably hang out and get hair and makeup done at the same time.
  • Make sure there is a good spot with a large mirror for your beauty services.
  • If there aren’t any chairs, see if the hotel can bring some into the room or make sure your beauty artist can bring their own.
  • Consider parking for your wedding vendors!



This could be your house, a friend/family member’s house or even a house you rent for the weekend. If you aren’t planning to stay at a hotel, this would be a great alternative. If you or someone you know has a house close to the venue that would be a great option. If not, website rentals, like Airbnb, are great options to find a house. Some of the benefits to getting ready at a house are:

  • Parking is (usually) free and plentiful in neighborhoods, or at least easier!
  • It could be cheaper than a hotel (and is definitely cheaper if it is your own house!).
  • Your bridesmaids can stay with you the night before.
  • There is a level of convenience when it comes to multiple bathrooms, plenty of chairs, plenty of mirrors and plenty of space to hang out in.



Some venues may offer a place on-site that you can use to get ready in. This is obviously the most convenient option, but make sure that it is (a) included in your rental fee and (b) your rental hours allow enough time to actually get ready there.


Bridal Suite

There are some specialty bridal suites that can be rented out for the day that are meant exactly for wedding prep. This means they’ve considered mirrors, bathrooms, chairs for beauty and all that good stuff!


Photo Credit: Amelya Jayne Photography