“Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.” Chances are, if you’re a gal, or been around one, you’ve heard that somewhere before. But ever stopped to think about the “why” associated with that phrase? Why are gowns this hue or lack thereof? Most people generally tend to think that white symbolizes innocence (hence, virginity) and that is why dresses are traditionally that color. But think again. We are here to break down that myth and a few others regarding finding the perfect wedding dress so that the next time you’re at a bridal shower or bachelorette party, you can impress those around you with your wedding sharp-wittedness.


Wedding Dress Buying Myths

Color Me Happy

Wedding gowns are traditionally white, yes, but not because they symbolize purity but because they symbolize wealth. The color white is difficult not only to obtain, but also to maintain as it dirties so easily. (You’ve heard those red wine horror stories.) So, therefore, only wealthier peeps could afford that color. However, we are here to tell you that you can wear whatever dang color you want! Pink, purple, orange, highlighter yellow… you do you.


Shop Till You Drop

You may feel a little nervous if you are one of those brides (or grooms, maybe!) that finds their dress or ensemble at the first shop, but don’t be. Consider yourself lucky. Finding your dream dress is not a numbers game so don’t think of it in that way. Think about it. You will never ever be able to try on every single dress out there, or even every dress in just on silhouette so don’t try. Trust your intuition.


Squad Goals

Finding a wedding gown is for sure a fun adventure and you are most likely going to want to involve all those special people in your life but here’s a word of advice: less is more. As in, less people is BETTER. You are not going to want every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s advice about what looks good and what doesn’t (and often times those are personable opinions, anyway) so keep your squad small and include only those who opinions you truly value. Your future sister-in-law may not make the cut and that is A-OK. Plus, COVID times are going to restrict that number even more. People will just have to roll with it. If they love you and your relationship with your future spouse, they won’t care in the least bit.


Tear of Joy

We have watched enough episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” to know that this idea of crying when you find “the one” is becoming normalized. Well, it’s not. The chances of you crying at a garment are actually slimmer than you may think so don’t get yourself in a tizzy if you find a dress that you fall in love with, but it doesn’t elicit tiny glistening tears from you. It may not just happen and there is nothing wrong with that. Just focus on how the gown makes you feel about yourself. “Positively freaking radiant,” says your mind. Then it’s “the one.” Tears or no tears.



You see a lot of traditional brides opting to wear a veil on their big day, especially if their ceremony is a religious one or taking place inside a church. Common thought is that the veil is supposed to shield the bride from the groom, in case he were to catch a glimpse of her before the vows, which is one of the reasons for a veil, but not the main reason. Veils were worn to fend off any demons that may want to interfere with the bride’s happiness. So, if you’re a superstitious bride, then go for the veil. If you’re a stylish bride, go for the veil. If you are a laid-back bride, just forget about it.


The Perfect Dress for the Perfect Day

Finding your wedding dress is just one step in planning your wedding. Be sure to check out our vetted wedding vendors who can make your day perfect and stress-free, regardless of what your dress (or jumpsuit!) looks like!


Photo Credit: Taylor Square Photography