Flowers are seemingly a large part of your wedding décor. You’ve got your bridal bouquet, your centerpieces and maybe even a few accent pieces for your ceremony backdrop. What else are you forgetting? Aside from your bridal party personal flowers, it’s typical that other special guests and members of your family get flowers, too. We’re here to help you remember who to get flowers for, so you don’t forget anyone!


If your parents will be at the wedding, it’s customary to include them in your floral order. Whether they be a mom, dad, stepmom or stepdad, a flower is a way to honor and recognize their spot in your life. 

For dads, a boutonniere similar or matching to the groom and groomsmen is pretty standard, but there are a few different options you can choose for moms. For moms, you have the choice of a traditional pin-on corsage, the more modern choice of a wrist corsage or even a small bouquet, referred to as a nosegay. 


Same rule applies for grandparents in attendance. It’s customary to get flowers for grandparents for the same reason, it’s a way to honor them. For grandfathers, another similar boutonniere will do the trick and for grandmothers, they are usually happiest with the traditional pin-on corsage. 


Often times siblings are a part of the bridal party, but not always. If they aren’t a part of the bridal party, then it’s nice to get a flower for them. It’s just a way to recognize that they are someone of importance and part of the family. 


It’s easy to forget ushers in your floral order because they aren’t really part of the bridal party and they usually aren’t family, either. If you have male ushers, the easiest way to include them is with a boutonniere. For women, you may want to consider a wrist corsage over a bouquet, so they have their hands free to greet guests. 


While it’s not as common, it’s also not uncommon to honor your officiant with a boutonniere or pin-on corsage. Just remember, if they are wearing formal religious clothes they wouldn’t be able to wear a personal flower so make sure to ask this question before placing the order. 

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Photo: Inspired Life Asheville