Everyone’s always talking about the bachelor or bachelorette party. What about other pre-wedding festivities?


If you ask us, wedding showers are one of the most over-looked events leading up to the wedding. Below, we’re laying out some reasons why you should definitely not skip this pre-wedding tradition.


You get presents.

Who doesn’t love presents? We recommend having your wedding registry completed before your wedding shower to make sure your guests know what you want. For wedding showers, you will typically receive gifts in the lower price range, so make sure you have plenty of those available.


It’s not just for the ladies.

Traditionally, wedding showers – also traditionally called bridal showers – were more for the bride. It was a time when the women in your life would shower you with all the things you need to be a “good” wife – mainly cooking utensils. Personally, we think that’s a little outdated.


Consider making your wedding shower a co-ed event! It can be as simple as a hang-out in your backyard or as extravagant as a catered dinner.


It’s basically a pre-reception, but way less stressful.

A wedding shower is kind of like the reception part of your wedding. You’ll be pulling from the same guest list, but you don’t have to worry about wedding day stress. Lucky you!


You can curate the guest list.

Wedding guest lists typically involve all of your friends and extended family. Bachelorette or bachelor parties are usually just your closest friends. A wedding shower falls somewhere in between. Invite your besties, your work friends who you’re hoping to get closer to, and your fun aunt. Any family members who will be more stress than fun can just be invited to the wedding.


Your wedding planner can help you plan.

If you’re working with a planner, they can help you iron out the details of your wedding shower. Just be sure to check out our vetted wedding planners to help you throw an exciting wedding shower!


Ready to plan a wedding shower?

Let Bustld help! From venues to entertainment to food, we can help you find the best wedding vendors to make your pre-wedding festivities a blast. Get matched with local vendors today!


Photo credit: Mallori Ma Photography