You are engaged and jumping head first into planning mode. You have to find a venue, photographer, DJ and everything else one needs to plan a fun and successful wedding. Reaching out to vendors you may be interested in is easy … find their website, locate the contact form and send an email.

Maybe you have your heart set on a particular vendor, you are trying to stay within a certain price point or are desperately trying to find someone available on your wedding date. Whatever the reason, you are looking for answers … and so are we.

We all know rejection is scary and painful – whether you’re dishing it out or taking it. But responding to a vendor is important, even if you didn’t choose them.

Like every business, vendors are looking for feedback as to why we didn’t fit your need. Was our price point too high for your budget? Did you not resonate with our products or website? Did you decide to go with someone else? These responses are vital for our business. They are also a pleasant courtesy after starting a dialogue with us. We want to know why “you’re just not that into us” so we can better our business in the future. Whatever the rejection – we want to hear it. So as you begin your search and find your dream team, make sure to let the other talented vendors know where they stand … we appreciate it.