Weddings are expensive (there, we said it). And figuring out wedding budgetssometimes seems like an algebra problem that just can’t be solved (exhibit a on why we think you need a wedding planner!). So of course most couples start out their vendor search with what seems like the most obvious question: How much do you cost? But that’s where couples go wrong! 

While staying on budget is critical (we don’t advocate overspending in the least), understanding value is the first thing you need to find out. Just like you wouldn’t expect a HP and an Apple computer to be the same cost, you can’t expect Charlotte wedding vendors to be the same cost because each one has unique offering. While one planner may offer 100 hours of work in a full service package, another may offer 50 hours. Or a photographer might offer 10 hours on site with an engagement shoot versus 6 hours only. Maybe it’s a top layer of your cake for free if you book a certain number of servings. Comparing prices of apples and oranges will just make you even more confused.

So what’s a Charlotte bride to do? We suggest after taking our wedding personality quiz and finding your top two to three matches, that you reach out to these vendors to set up a meeting. Most Charlotte wedding vendors offer complimentary consultations which gives you a chance to find out more about the value they will bring to your wedding and (this is an important one) how well you all get along. Because at the end of the day, this person is going to be a part of an intimate moment in your life and you want to like them. 

Stay tuned next week for what to ask during the meeting! 

This is the first part of a three-part series on how to hire Charlotte wedding vendors. Check back next week for even more pro tips from the Bustld team.

*Photo courtesy of Rob + Kristen Photography