When it comes to wedding invitations, there are all kinds of resources (like this one!) on how to word an invitation to your traditional wedding. But with virtual weddings bursting on to the scene, invitations are quickly changing. We’re here to help with some wording options to inspire your invite.


Sample invitation wording

We’re Going Virtual!


Please join us as




exchange vows virtually


{day of week}, the {date} of {month}{year}


via LoveStream at



Alternative wording

New plan!

We invite you to join us, virtually, as we exchange our vows.


Change of plans!

Due to the circumstances, we have taken our wedding virtual.


We’re social distancing!

And we invite you to virtually attend our wedding.


We still do!

Just virtually. You’re invited to our virtual wedding.


We can’t say we do without all of you!

Please join us, virtually, as we exchange our vows.


Marry now, party later!

Join us for our wedding ceremony now, virtually, and celebrate with us in person at a later date.


Love isn’t cancelled!

And neither is our wedding. We’ve gone virtual.


Photo courtesy of [vetted]: The Ballantyne