Many people are familiar with using handwritten calligraphy to add some personality to your wedding invitation envelopes; however, there are multiple other ways to wow your guests and make sure they are excited for your big day! After all, your invitation envelopes are the first thing guests see and help set the tone for your wedding.


Ink Choice


Using a unique ink color is an easy way to add some flair to your envelopes. While black ink is a great classic choice, another option is using an ink color complementary to your invitation suite.  From white ink on black envelopes to all types of metallic ink, the choices are truly endless!


Address Format


A guest’s address is typically centered on the middle of an envelope. Writing an address on a slant, using mixed calligraphy scripts and staggering the lines of an address are just a few ways you can add some pizzazz to your envelopes.




The post office actually has a pretty great selection of wedding stamps. However, if you really want to infuse some of your personality into your envelopes, Zazzle allows you to create your own unique custom postage. Vintage stamps are another great postage option. While a bit more expensive, a set of vintage stamps is truly a special way to tell guests a little more about you and your wedding while also adding some serious charm to your envelopes.


Envelope Liners


Add a personal touch to the interior of your envelope with an envelope liner. A fun pattern complimenting your invitation suite, a custom wedding crest or your wedding monogram are some ideas to keep the inside of your envelope fun and unique. 


Wax Seals


Receiving mail with a wax seal really tells the recipient that something special is inside. Wax seals can be customized to include almost any design you can imagine. They come in a variety of colors and some are even self-adhesive, making them quick and easy to use.


Be sure to ask your calligrapher or stationer about these options. They’ll be happy to share some of their own ideas with you as well, and together you can create your perfect wedding envelope! 


Photo courtesy of Katherine Elena Photography