Being a wedding videographer in Charleston, I’m clearly passionate about videography and what it can do for people. It is the reason why I got into video in the first place! Having the ability to go back and watch moments unfold in real time is something that should not be taken for granted.

I have seen wedding guests record the ceremony on their phone numerous times. If your day is so important that your guests feel the need to video it, then don’t you think you might want that memory on video one day, too?

Don’t take my word for it, take the advice from previous brides who have been there and made that mistake. Not hiring a videographer is always one of the top regrets of brides. 

Whenever I mention to people that I video weddings for a living they either respond with, “That’s so cool!” or “That’s something I wish I had hired for my wedding”. 

You can’t back after the fact and change your mind. Once you make the decision to not have your wedding on video, you will never be able to re-live your ceremony or reception in real time. So think twice before you dismiss the idea of hiring a videographer!

Highlight videos are one of the most popular types of videos created after wedding day. These highlights capture the moments, both big and small, that help make it such a powerful tool to jog your memories. 

While shooting once, we were out of time so as we walked back to the venue the couple struck a quick pose in front of this gate for a couple of seconds and then kept walking. It was such a small moment but they get to smile every time they see their video and are reminded of that moment. 

With a wedding video, couples get to watch the brides first look with her dad and their first look with each other. They get to see their first kiss as a married couple and walking back down the aisle as husband and wife. Their reactions to their friends gifts during their speeches. Those memories are preserved and they can quickly go back and relive that perfect day. 

You can also get more than just a highlight with other video options. With a full ceremony video, you can sit down and watch the ceremony from the time the wedding party started to enter until the last wedding party member exited. You can listen to every single thing that was said during their ceremony again, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. You won’t miss a beat when it comes to remembering that momentous day.

Long story short, please don’t skip on having a videographer. Hire a professional, even if it isn’t me. Having your day documented correctly is important, so please don’t pass up on the opportunity. 

You’ll be able to sit down with your kids and grandkids one day to watch your day, re-live your ceremony, listen to your vows, and check out your killer first dance moves. That’s something that will be priceless in the decades to come. 

Growing up, my parents would record us on a camera and we eventually digitized those memories We watched and listened to ourselves grow up all over again. You can’t imagine the tears that we shed when we all watched it together. If my parents hadn’t recorded those times then we would never be able to hear my old, extremely southern, accent that I (thankfully) grew out of!

Do yourself, your family, and your future generations a favor and preserve those memories forever!

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