Yay! You said “yes” and now you get to start planning your Charlotte wedding. So what comes next? Check out our top six must-do next steps below:

1. Share the good news

Start with your parents (hello, they raised you). Then move on to calling (yes, call!) your closest friends and family. Then feel free to snap a shot of that gorgeous new rock and post away on social media.

2. Throw a party

Your engaged! Let’s celebrate. Enlist a friend or family member (or throw it yourself & surprise everyone there) to throw you and your honey an engagement party. Let’s get the celebrations started!

3. Pick a date

No, you can’t pick an exact date without booking a wedding venue. But start narrowing it down to season or an ideal month (every vendor is going to ask!). Also, pull together a list of dates that are absolutely not possible because of conflicts with your closest family and friends.

4. Let’s talk money

It’s not fun but budgeting is crucial no matter if you have $10,000 or $100,000 to spend. So talk to parents, each other and any one else that’s contributing to find out how much they feel comfortable contributing toward the wedding.

5. Get some help

Go ahead and book a Charlotte wedding planner. It’s best to book them before signing any contracts or paying any money as they can help you with the venue search, budgeting and so much more. 

6. Let the search begin

It’s time to start the venue search (and you know you need to start here)! Find your ideal venues, book visits and envision yourself there on wedding day. You will know when you’ve found “the one.” 

*Photo courtesy of Rob+Kristen Photography