Once all your RSVPs have rolled in, you now have 100 something people to fit into your reception. Whether that be at assigned round tables or open seating at a family style table, it’s something you need to plan for. So, what are your options as far as seating goes and who is supposed to go at what table? Well, there are quite a few different options we are going to share with you!

Types of Seating

For seating options, you can do the traditional round tables, or you can mix things up with square or rectangular shaped tables. If you are having a more intimate wedding, you can even do one long family style table. For more causal weddings, a cocktail style set up would work. It’s even possible to mix a few different types of seating options. It creates visual appeal and a unique look to the room when you mix say, rounds with rectangular tables.

Check with your venue to see what your in-house options are, as that might affect your decision. If you don’t like what your venue has in-house or they don’t have anything, there are all sorts of rental options to explore for table types. If you want to really kick things up a notch, you can rent designed tables, like farm tables or mirrored tables.

Who Goes Where?

You’ll also have to figure out where you want to sit, as a couple, and where you want your bridal party to sit. For the couple, you can decide to sit by yourself at a sweetheart table or with your bridal party at either a head table or a king’s table. Or if you’re trying to be in the spotlight as little as possible (but let’s be realistic here, it’s your wedding day), you can always choose to just blend in with your guests at a regular guest table.

Like we mentioned, if you do a head table or king’s table, your bridal party would sit there with you. If you do a sweetheart table or sit at a guest table, your bridal party would be at guest tables, as well. Parents, more often than not, are at guest tables so they can sit with their other family members, but if your bridal party is mostly family and you do a head or king’s table, you could always include parents at that table. If you sit bridal party and family at guest tables, it is customary to have those guest tables close to wherever the couple is sitting.

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