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Do You Need a Wedding Shot List?

By Bustld Pro Team | Aug 06 2018

You’ve planned your Asheville wedding (to perfection, we might add). You are in the final stretch! There are quite a few things that need to be done at the end of planning (you are getting close though, we promise!). A wedding photography shot list is one of those things and it is definitely an essential. But you might wonder why? The short answer: it makes everyone’s life easier. The long answer? 

  • Preparation: Timing really is everything because (as everyone will tell you) wedding day goes by SO fast! By setting up your shot list prior to wedding day your wedding team (i.e. planner and photographer) can property set expectations with all the other team members (i.e. catering and the band) on how the day will run.
  • It Runs Smoother: If your photographer and planner know exactly who needs to be photographed, they can help round everyone up and keep the pictures moving (read: you get to the party faster!).
  • Sets Expectations: You can alert family members who will (and won’t) be included in family photos so everyone knows where to be and what is expected of them come wedding day. It can also help to make sure there are no hurt feelings or awkward conversations on your day.

Formal family photos are not the most fun part of the day so with a solid list and a little preparation you can make this part seamless and easy for everyone involved. Still looking for a wedding photographer? Start your search by clicking here


Photo courtesy of Inspired Life AVL


Bustld Pro Team