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Winter Wedding How To

By Something Perfect Weddings | Dec 21 2018

It can always be fun to incorporate the current holiday season décorinto your wedding day, tastefully, of course! Here’s a few ways you can incorporate the winter holidays into your winter wedding. 



If there’s one thing everyone associates winter holidays with, it’s snow! Fake snow can be such an easy thing to incorporate, from scattering it on top of tables to a fake snow send off. Just don’t go overboard – you don’t want it getting in the way of things. 


Ornaments are an easy decorative accent. They can be a hanging installment, scattered on accent tables or even a vase filled up with them can serve as an easy centerpiece. Don’t forget poinsettias and mistletoe to really drive home the holiday spirit!



You could go more winter wonderland with whites and blues or go full Christmas with red and green. If you want just a general winter-y feel, stick to rich, jeweled tones like burgundy, emerald and navy. 



One idea we love for a winter wedding is a hot chocolate or coffee bar!  Let guests add in their own flavored syrups or toppings and let them cozy up to a hot cup of something on the cold winter night!



A winter wedding is the perfect time to bring some textures to the attire. Think velvet for bridesmaid dresses or a fur wrap for yourself. 


Photo Credit: Rob + Kristen Photography


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