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Why We Love Them

  • Amy’s bubbly personality that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, instantly.
  • The classic and natural photos that look the way you remember wedding day, just a little better.
  • Amy’s availability to her clients to answer questions, get to know them and make them feel special.
  • What To Know

    • Amy started the business in 2012 and is always the lead shooter with a second shooter
    • Services include wedding day photography plus engagement, bridal and boudoir sessions
    • Pricing starts at $3800
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    I’m Amy, the girl behind the lens at Sunshower Photography. Based out of Charlotte, NC, my take on photography is a little different than most.
    I focus on the little things, the moments that hide out amongst the milestones and showcase the personality you and your loved ones bring to the table. I’ve learned how to follow my intuition to the best, most unexpected shots, and I’ve seen how those become your favorites.
    That’s what Sunshower Photography is all about. It’s my ode to all the best love stories - my tribute to true love in the form of honest, emotionally charged photographs that make your memories last a lifetime.

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    Sunshower Photography

    Sunshower Photography

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