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Two Less Fish in The Sea a Year Later

Rebecca Patrick + Jeremy Patrick | Jun 24, 2018

We’ve all been there, freshman year of high school crushing on the older cuter junior who is completely unaware of your existence. Well, that’s how it started for Becky and Jeremy. Becky was the freshman and Jeremy was the junior she had a crush on. The two were on a photography class field trip when she first spotted him and hasn’t stopped talking about him since!

A year after first spotting Jeremy on that class field trip, Becky coincidentally (she swears!)started working at the same restaurant as Jeremy and the rest is history. They went on their first date a couple months later and made it “official” as they stood in line for “The Zipper” at New Paltz State Fair.  

Four years later the couple moved to North Carolina and adopted a black Labrador named Rollo. When Jeremy decided it was time to propose he knew he has to enlist Rollo’s help. While at the beach one day, Jeremy buried a message in a bottle and counted on Rollo to help dig it up. What he didn’t plan on was Rollo protecting the spot to prevent digging. Once Becky realized something was actually there, she began digging herself. As she fished out the message from the bottle, she began to cry and saw Jeremy on one knee as he asked, “Rebecca, will you be my fish and swim away with me for all eternity?”

The couple was wed in their home state of New York amongst family and friends on July 21 last year. In honor of their first wedding anniversary, Jeremy and Becky decided to dress up and relive the day all over again, because who wouldn’t love to do that?!

Rebecca slipped back in to her sweetheart neckline, tiered gown and it was still just as beautiful. Her hair was pulled back with the most stunning veil that was actually made by Jeremy’s mother. Her headpiece was also a family heirloom, previously worn by Jeremy’s mother and her mother before that. She topped it all off with the most perfect strand of pearls.

She carried a loose and natural bouquet full of life. It was oozing with peonies, roses and light greenery of pale pinks and oranges. LaFayette Village in Raleigh provided the perfect French inspiration with this one year celebration.

Jeremy and Becky still have that newlywed glow! Congratulations!

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