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Whispers and Romance in Downtown Concord Engagement Shoot

Ritchie + Ra'Keem |

Five years ago Ra’Keem and Ritchie met on social media and began their friendship over a concert video. After a few years of on and off dating it became very clear that they couldn’t be away from each other.

“I knew he was the one when he loved me unconditionally. Keem has always been my rock, my cheerleader and my moral compass,” said Ritchie. “He’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong but as strong and independent as I am, he stands strong as my protector.”

When Ra’Keem decided he was going to propose, he knew he had to do it right. Ritchie thought she was going out to any normal party, little did she know it was her engagement party! Ra’Keem surprised his bride-to-be at her favorite spot in downtown Kannapolis, Veteran’s Park. He went all out with roses and candles everywhere and invited friends and family from near and far – even one from out of the country! – to watch and celebrate with them afterward.

“It was so amazing to share the moment with all the people who care so much about us. I never wanted a public engagement until that moment, which goes to show that he knows me better than I know myself,” said the future bride.

The couple opted for a fun engagement shoot in downtown Concord. The brick landscapes and alleyways provided amazing backdrops for their pictures. Ra’Keem whispered things in Ritchie’s ears to make her laugh throughout the day and it perfectly captured their love and personality.  

The found amazing doorways, trees to pose in front of and danced their way through alleyways. The most fitting is the mural they found on a whitewash wall of an engagement ring!

The couple is hoping for a “glitter filled spa retreat” for their wedding day complete with outdoor games, glitter décor and a lot of romance. Now that’s a wedding we can get down with!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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