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How do I set up an account?

It’s easy! Click “Sign In” at the top of any page and fill out our questionnaire so we can get to know you (and all your wedding details!) a little better. Once your account is set up, make sure to stay signed in every time you visit the site so we can continue to make personal recommendations.

What is the vendor dashboard?

This is the dashboard located at the bottom of every page on Bustld that keeps track of your entire vendor creative team. Still see something blacked out? Click on that square and find your best match today!

What is in my account page?

Use this as your Bustld home base for a wedding day countdown and percentage of items left to do. All of your saved (and booked) vendors can be seen here along with any saved helpful articles or gorgeous inspiration photos that you’ve found on our site. Need to retake your quiz? You can also do that here.

How do I contact a vendor for more information on their services and booking?

At the bottom of every vendor page, you will see a “Add Vendor” button. Click this and you will have a few options: Save Vendor (to contact later), Contact Vendor (to send them an email) or Book Vendor (to add to your vendor dashboard).

If I favorite a picture or save an article, where does it go?

Straight to your “My Account” page!

How do I get my wedding featured on Bustld?

We love featuring our couples wedding in the “Weddings Like Yours” section to help inspire future couples. Click here to download our submission guidelines. Please note, we must have a written photo release from your photographer before considering your submission.

How do you find my top picks?

We utilize your wedding quiz answers to match you with wedding vendors who have similar answers. What does that mean for you? You get to see the vendors who are most likely to be a good fit closest to the top on our “Explore Vendors” page instead of whoever pays the most to be at the top.

How do you choose vendors to be on the page?

Each vendor with a storefront has paid to be on the Bustld website. They are committed to delivering a professional experience in the wedding industry to each of our couples and we provide a simple way to connect you with them.

What is the Bustld rating?

This is our proprietary standardized score. You will see it at the top of every vendor page. We utilize a variety of metrics, including reviews from past couples and other vendors – to compile something that will give you a true rating of each individual vendor.

I love Bustld! What cities can you help me plan my wedding in?

Currently, we are exclusive to Charlotte, NC. If you are interested in us launching in your city, click over to the Contact Us page now and shoot us a note!

I'm so excited to be a Bustld bride! How do I get my free personalized Snapchat filter?

We are so excited to have you! Please shoot us an email at with your names, wedding date and wedding venue. Please allow seven days for a response before following up. We do require you to submit your information for a filter at least two weeks prior to your wedding date.

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