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Hi! Thanks for visiting my page! I was recently interviewed about my photography style and I thought it would be helpful if I shared my answers with you!  

 Please describe your photography style.

My style is always evolving. So this is actually a very difficult question. Most of my fav. Images are shot outdoors in nature with very green backgrounds. My images are clean and edited to look more natural with good contrast and pops of color. I prefer warmer edits, but I do not like orange skin, so I am very careful with how I white balance ( color tone ) my images. I love sunshine in my images, so I will always try and capture the sun rays of a sun set or the warm glow on the skin that happens at dusk.

 I encourage couples to take 10 - 15 min during within 1 hour of sunset to capture themselves in the best light of the day.  This is especially important for couples that do not want to do a first look. But no matter what I believe all couples should make time to sneak off for low lighting ( sun set ) pics. Even if there is no horizon line at the venue, it is simply the best lighting - it’s the golden hour, and very important for beautiful images.

I prefer a less traditional couple. However, many of my clients have been traditional and I LOVED them. That said here is what I am looking for in a client. 

  1. Brides that have a laid back attitude and do not dictate the shots I take. 
  2. Brides that wear free flowing dresses with minimal fussing. No heavy dresses. 
  3. Brides that love the Bohemian modern look - hair loose, dewy natural makeup. 
  4. Brides that change into a backless pant suit for the reception. Or a party dress. 
  5. Grooms that have style and do something different with the “blue suit” or wear chocolate brown or Burgundy… or perhaps suspenders hanging around their hips and they are cool with taking off their shoes. 
  6. Couples that like a documentary approach - story telling. 

Please describe your working style.

I like a chill vibe, more relaxed. I do not use a shot list. I only use a list for family members names, and even if that isn’t provided it's ok, because I know how to shoot family combinations in 30 min or less. If extended family is included, 45 min maybe needed. Extended family is - aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, great grandparents. 

My preferred working style is documentary photography. So basically minimal staged shots and posed shots. I shoot details but if a couple wants an entire stationary suite shot with other details in a lay flat design I either shoot those details at home on a linen board or I ask that they book us 2 - 3 hrs before the ceremony. It is actually my preference to shoot details more organically, so a ring shot on the hand, flowers & dress detail while bride holds flowers. Earrings, necklace and shoes while they are being put on. I prefer to shoot the wedding dress hanging in the bridal suite and not be too fussy about taking it to another location - however, if the other location is easy and close then no problem. I have an IG pic of a wedding dress on a brick wall above a sofa. That was an easy shot. 

I shoot with two camera’s and prime lenses. I prefer the 35 mm, 85 mm, and 135 mm. One camera has my wide 35, and the other has an 85 or 135 for a more intimate shots. 

I shoot alone sometimes, and I enjoy it because I don’t have to worry about managing another person;)  but I also shoot with a 2nd shooter when it’s requested and that’s fun too!  

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