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We believe storytelling is not only important, but completely necessary for human existence.

Stories keep us connected to those we love, they remind us of who we once were while teaching us to grow, and they freeze important and cherished memories in time.Stories are told around dining room tables, on long car rides, as we fall asleep next to the ones we love.Stories are powerful and filled with adventure, laughter, tears and joy.The stories that are the most powerful have photos that can be passed around in albums, hung on walls, and carried in pockets (aka on phones–it is the 21st century after all!).Your story is beautiful and unique, and it is our honor to capture it!


As photographers, we are granted access to the most intimate moments of peoples’ lives. We laugh with you. We cry with you. Your family often becomes a part of ours. That being said, it is our desire to capture moments that show the real you. Whether it means we have to crack a ridiculous joke, sing to you or trip over our own feet (this is mostly Meg!), we will do what it takes to allow your true personalities to shine through.

We promise to be unashamedly myself so that you feel comfortable being unashamedly you.We promise to provide you with unmatched quality and professionalism (while also having crazy amounts of fun!).We promise to freeze each special moment you experience to last you a lifetime.

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