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Flying Cloud Mobile Bars


If "the bar" or "drinks" is at, or near, the top of your list when planning your reception, you're our type of people!  We're mobile bar experts who specialize in delivering exceptional beverage services for special events.  Having delivered bar services for over 50 wedding receptions in the last 2 years, we know what it takes to plan, prep and run a flawless beverage service for your big day. 

There are 3 things that make us stand out: 

1. One of a kind mobile bars - With a collection of over 12 different mobile bars, including statement pieces like our vintage 1959 Airstream trailer or our mini-tap truckster, 5 different draft beer/wine/cocktail bars and a collection of more traditional portable bars, we're sure to have something that fits your style.  

2. Delicious drinks - With more than 15 years experience mixing up drinks for top bars and restaurants in D.C., Southern California and here in Wimington, we know how to make delicious cocktails (if that's your thing).  We always use fresh squeezed juices, house-made syrups (never store bought mixes) and fresh herbs (from our garden when in-season).  The result... "These drinks are awesome!" is what you can expect to hear all night long. 

3. Nice guys who really care - We want your reception to be exceptional, and we know how important the bar is to a great party.  We take this responsibility seriously and will do everything we can to make sure your reception is everything you imagined it to be.  When you work with us, "the bar" is one thing you don't have to stress about... we've got it! 

Popular Packages & Services: 

Everything we do is customized to meet your unique situation, so that you get exactly what you want.  We have a set of popular packages and service options to get you started.  We offer:

Just the bartender(s) - If you have the bar and all "the stuff" and you just need a top-notch bartender for your event. 

Bartender(s) + service - If you have the bar, but you'd like us to provide the bartender, as well as equipment, ice, coolers, cups, napkins... you know, all "the stuff" needed to deliver a bar service.

Mobile bar service - We provide the full service, including the bar, bartenders, supplies, planning... everything.  

Just the bar - If you have the service covered by a caterer or the venue, but you'd like to use one of our awesome bars, we're happy to rent you just the bar.  

Draft bar - We have a collection of mobile draft bars that you can rent on its own or we can provide bartenders and service.  

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