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We are a wedding videography and photography production house that focuses on capturing those real and fleeting moments for incredible couples in NC and beyond.

My name is Lauren, aka Cheetah, and I'm here to make your day fire and ice, ice baby! I'm like a mix between Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, pre and post-Harvard. AKA I know when to be serious on the timeline, but I also know when to start the congo line. *choo choo* I'll overuse emojis while talking about minimalism and might say the word "vibes" more than someone should, but what matters is how I make you feel and bringing out what makes you and your boo totally unique. I hope you feel our energy and love and okay, vibes, that we have your back when telling your story.

I don't need to convince you that choosing to film your day is important. You know that! There's a reason that we all flock to the movie theaters to see the final saga...we want to feel all the feels over and over! We take that seriously and start composing your story from the moment we say, "Nice to meet you!". Every element of your film from the song selection to how your grandma giggles is taken in consideration when editing the final video.

And hey, listen, everyone is sharing something these days. Wedding films are the best way I can think to let more light and love into this world. It's why I do what I do. The world needs more stories like yours. Let's jump in!
Lauren "Cheetah" Brooks


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