Why We Love Them

  • Joshua’s creative story telling approach that focuses on the little moments in between.
  • The way he captures motion and the way you felt on wedding day.
  • His ability to make you cry (happy tears of course!) when you get the final product.

What To Know

  • 200 Wedding Love Stories Told
  • Rated Top 100 Wedding Storyteller in the world by WPJA and top 25 in N.America by MWP
  • Most Popular Package Is 2850
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I make people cry and I love it.  It might sound mean but I believe its the best thing I can do. When I send a sneak peak slideshow to a couple on their honeymoon, and they tell me they cried watching it over and over again, I am thrilled because I know I did my job. People think wedding photography is about capturing pretty pictures of the bride and groom  and while I definitely love catching those, I believe my real job is to tell love stories. I want my brides to not just look at their photos and remember how beautiful they looked, but I want them to remember the love they felt. I do this by capturing all the moments that matter and the little in between moments other photographers miss. I don't just capture the event, but I capture the expression and emotion. I capture the flower girl with her eyes wide and jaw dropped as she looks at the brides dress, the pure pride and joy a father feels when he sees his baby girl all grown up,  and I capture the "WOW that's my new wife" look on the grooms face when he sees his bride coming down the aisle. The wedding day is so overwhelming that it goes by in a blur and couples don't get to stop and take it all in. I show couples everything they don't want to forget and everything they didn't know they missed. 

I don't want you to miss out on reliving your love story on every anniversary for the rest of your lives. I want your future children to feel like they were there. You and your family have a beautiful love story to tell and I'd love to be the one to tell it. 

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Shauna Meunier

Joshua made the whole experience easy and comfortable. He has an eye for the perfect shot every single time though you'd never know he is present. He was v...

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Rachel F Gruskin

Josh was incredible! Would recommend him to anyone!

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Brittany Nathan

He takes absolutely beautiful photos and is really great to work with. Highly recommend!!

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Andrea Schutz

Stop what you’re doing and book quickly! Incredible doesn’t begin to describe the photos we have from our wedding day. Two years later I still am getting c...

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Paul Meunier

I usually don't leave reviews, but Josh was so awesome to work with it would be improper of me not too. I HATE taking pictures but Josh made it fun, easy,...

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