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Taken by Sarah Photography


We don’t take pictures.  It’s much more than that.  We save your memories in carefully crafted images that you’ll be able to look at and relive those moments through over and over. We pour a lot of heart and soul into every photo that we take. There are a whole lot of options for picture takers, but we offer you artful, thoughtful, honest images of who you were at that fleeting moment in time. We are a husband and wife team, available worldwide. We are 100% film photographers because we love the life and vibrancy film brings to our work and have found that it there is absolutely nothing like it. It's a unique and beautiful medium, not yet surpassed by digital technology, and we find that it simply makes us better artists.  We believe that images are a powerful and important gift we have to remember and to relive the best parts of life. Our photography is elegant, timeless, honest. The biggest compliment we can receive is that we made you cry with your wedding album!

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