Why We Love Them

  • Kaitlyn loves helping people share their love stories with the world.
  • She lives for capturing the emotional moments of wedding day in a way that will be cherished forever.
  • She knows that each story is special and loves bringing a little extra joy to the world.

What To Know

  • We offer different package options to meet your wedding needs.
  • Every package includes full ceremony coverage.
  • Packages Starting At $1,500


Film making has always intrigued us and capturing the emotional details of someone's special day is what we live for. There is nothing like a groom locking eyes with his soon to be bride as she ambles down the aisle towards him trying to fight back the tears or a father dancing with sweet baby girl one last time.  In a world where there is so much negativity, I thank God that we have the amazing opportunity to capture what is good in this world. We want to be a part of capturing every part of the day so that you can remember it for years to come. 

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