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Thank you for stopping by! Bel Amour Wedding Photography is a boutique wedding photographer based in Asheville NC. We are Darina and Vince Redmond - a fun loving husband and wife team, story-tellers, adventurers and much more. Words can hardly describe our passion and love of wedding photography. Capturing your special day from beginning to end, all those precious moments and your happiness is the heart of our business.

Fun Facts About Us:

* Business brought us to the mountains from the big city. So, every time we need a getaway, we always go back to the ... nearest big city. Chaos, people and tall buildings always get our creative juices flowing. Of course, let's not forget the beach. We consider Charleston our second home away from home.

* After years in journalism, Darina feels equally comfortable in front and behind the camera. Why is she choosing to be behind the camera? Hint: she gets better creative control.

* One of Vince's favorite childhood activities was playing with remote controlled model cars and planes. Fast forward to current day - he is FAA fully licensed drone pilot capturing stunning images. Yay to working and feeling like a child again!!!  

* Our photography business venture began at the mosh pits of various concerts. What did we gain from it? The ability to produce gorgeous images in a variety of light conditions, the strength to remain cool in any situation, and the agility to work a day-long event without feeling an ounce of burnout and being happy about it.

Enough about us! This here is about your wedding and how you would like to remember the day. We would love to hear more about you as a couple and what your ideas you have when it comes to your wedding photography coverage. All weddings, regardless of size and length, are equally important to us. We always work our best to capture beautiful images that you will cherish for the years to come. So, drop us a note, give us a call and even schedule a free consultation - we are looking forward to meeting you!

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