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Casey Hendrickson Photography


Welcome! About sections are absolutely not my forte, so here is some random info for your enjoyment ;)  Typical rambling: I am a full time wedding and boudoir photographer based in Charlotte, love to travel, and stick with natural light when possible. I LOVE the glowy goodness that can come from that, especially if you can steal away at golden hour to capture some romantic little moments before the sun slips away! I am fun, loving, sarcastic, and also respectful. My clients truly mean the world to me. Also, I am a night owl, so emails are generally answered at like 4am. I have a little westie named Molly, and she is loved by all the vendors in the area! She's a little priss, but has a heart of gold. A few vendors even call her 'The Boss' because it's all business after the hellos get started when she visits. She has a younger goldendoodle 'brother' named Chewie, and we rescued this giant fluff ball from a pet shop when he was only 3 months old. Obviously I love dogs, and I REALLY love when my clients incorporate their own pups into their sessions and wedding days! Kate Spade is my jam. I may or may not have a slight obsession. I've instructed my assistant to delete all emails from Kate Spade to avoid buying everything.... She has yet to figure out how to delete the trash though, so #fail for her and #winning for me ;) I think what I love most is the attention to detail there - the pastel tones mixed with a bold lining, textures, and of course the simple yet sophisticated spade emblem. I am a detail lover! In fact, setting up details on a wedding day just might be one of my favorite parts of the whole day - that and the time with the couples!  Lush bath bombs are life changing. When they came to Charlotte, I probably cried tears of joy. And when I emerge from a bath covered in tiny bits of sparkly glitter? Life = Complete. Especially if that bath involved drinking a decent wine!  Dating life: I have a pretty awesome boo named Chad. We were set up on a blind date back in 2012, and I shot him down. Yep. I then tried the whole online dating thing, but it was a giant failure, and on the last date (two years later), I suddenly could NOT stop thinking about Chad. The moment I got home, I called him and asked him to hang out. And he said YES! THANK GOD. We retried our first date, and it was like all the pieces coming together to form one giant blaring sign that said, "YO. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS TWO YEARS AGO." And the rest is history! He jokes he knew I'd come back for him. I joke I knew I wouldn't. He was right, and we have officially been together for 2.5 years. 

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