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After 8 years and almost 200 weddings… beautiful light and “your best side” are all pieces that play an integral part in what I do, but working hard to capture the true essence of who YOU are as a couple is what I feel lies at the very heart of the reason I’m a wedding photographer. I love rich, deep colors and I really enjoy working with natural highlights and shadows to create unique photos of my couples!  There is one word that I strive to leave couples saying about their experience with me - and that’s “incredible!” From the very first connection, all the way to our final meeting, I want my couples to absolutely LOVE every moment they spend with me. It’s important that a couple is connected with their wedding photographer - not just to guarantee that they have a great time, but to ensure that they’re able to relax and love the process of capturing their wedding images! Because THAT is what takes a photograph from “great” to “incredible!” I’m often asked what I feel is the one thing that sets me apart, and it’s this: I truly don’t know that there is another photographer, anywhere, that cares more about the couples he’s working with. Beyond wanting to please my couples and make sure I have “satisfied customers,” it’s deeply important to me that I capture the authentic essence of your wedding journey together. Not just how you look, but how your love feels! To me, that’s where the magic happens.  When I’m not behind the camera, I love spending time with my wife and sweet little girl! Our lives stay pretty busy, but we love to travel and enjoy as much family time together as possible. When I have the time, I love to bake, garden, roast my own coffee beans and build things! I’m always learning something new! 

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