Why We Love Them

  • Her focus and dedication to one specific part of wedding day attire and specialization in family heirlooms.
  • Her desire to create that fairytale moment for you on wedding day.
  • The trust her brides have in her hands, creativity and knowledge to work on such precious items.

What To Know

  • Custom couture veils are our specialty.
  • One-on-one local appointments. Out of town brides are easy to work with also!
  • We love to update family heirloom veils!


I founded Love Always by Nia-Emani because couldn't find a veil I loved when I was planning my wedding. I decided to collaborate with my mom, a talented seamstress with 40+ years of experience, to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, royal length veil for my wedding day look.

Using the creativity that I inherited from my mom and the sewing skills that she taught me, I started creating one-of a kind couture veils for brides in the Atlanta area. Word began to spread and soon, brides from Alabama and Florida began to reach out to me as well to create their veils remotely!

I love making the veils of my brides dreams but it also gives me great joy when my brides decide to create or continue a tradition of wearing a family member's veil and they ask me to give it some TLC. Heirlooms are some of my favorites to work on.

I look forward to helping you look Unapologetically Fabulous on your wedding day! Call, text, or email me to schedule a consultation today!

Love Always,


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Love Always by Nia-Emani

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