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Hi Gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by.  I'm Michelle Davina, a Wedding and Personal Branding Photographer based in Atlanta, Ga, and beyond.  I love to photograph fun loving, passionate couples who desire an authentic, vibrant, memorable portrait experience that’s reflected in their photos. Your wedding day is a life changer and I certainly get that being just past the newlywed state myself.  The need to be dedicated, focus, and attentive to your wedding day is of the upmost. I'm also passionate about helping business entrepreneurs & creative owners radiate by upleveling their brand with photography that genuinely communicates their message and connects to their ideal audience on real means.

Through my creative process and experience, I foster a constructive, caring and confident environment while creating fabulous content!

When I’m not shooting, my days consist of my exercise routine that starts at 5am, meditating on being spiritually awake and goal setting for my business.   I'm also a foodie who loves talking about food, trying out new food eateries and sharing my best spots to find great food in Atlanta.  I have a love for traveling, especially with my hubby.  You can find us at the movies on a Tuesday afternoon for a movie weekday date night, with popcorn and Kombucha (yep that’s right, its very tasty, very little sugar and has great health benefits). 

Knowing some of Atlanta’s great food spots lends itself to some surrounding photo shoot location opportunities for my clients, providing an authentic portrait and personalized branding experience.  

I enjoy "wowing" my clients because they not only appreciate great photos but coupled with the client experience, great service and products makes for long lasting client relationships.

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