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  • Reeves Catering is the Upstate's premier choice for providing culinary expressions & service!
  • The Reeve's team has a passion & a desire for creating truly unique menus for each couple's wedding!
  • They've even been featured on the Food Network!


Since Reeves Catering first opened in 2009, Justin Reeves and his talented team have made it their goal to provide clients with exceptional food and service no matter the size of the event. You won't find any "set" menus here; although sample menus can be provided, the Reeves team truly shines in their desire to work with each individual couple to determine their unique taste preferences, absolute favorite foods, and discover what truly gets each couple excited when it comes to their wedding meal. By staying up to date with current trends and flavors, Reeves Catering aims to surprise and delight you and your guests with food that is not only delicious, but also exciting, to craft a spread that truly represents your unique tastes and your day! 

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Matthew Burt

My wife Luz Marcela and I had a small (fewer than 30 people), intimate family-only wedding on Wednesday, May 15 in Greenville. I am from Greenville and was...

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