Why We Love Them

  • Their images are colorful, full of life and artistic
  • his duo’s creativity – when they walk in a venue they see angles that no one else sees which creates photographic magic
  • Their authenticity; they wake up every morning loving what they do

What To Know

  • Husband and wife team who have enjoyed photographing around 250 weddings over the past seven years
  • Offer full day wedding coverage and engagement sessions
  • Also offer short films that capture the artistic and heartfelt highlight reel of wedding day
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We believe our clients have summed up what we strive to be better than we might be able to articulate ourselves:

“They [...] are wonderful, warm, and so seemingly laid back yet unfailingly professional it's astounding.”- Sam + Tim

“They made us feel comfortable and made us laugh.” - Sarah + Seth

“They took care to get to know us so they could capture all the details that made our day with family and friends so special and memorable.”- Emily + Mike

“They are passionate, on point and unique.” -Lauren + Brian

“I think my groom summed it up best when at the end of the night he turned to Rob and Kristen and said, "I'm confused whether you guys are our photographers or our friends." - Heather + Danny

We share these comments with you because we want you, our future clients, to know that we pour our hearts and souls into what we do. Our goal for each wedding we photograph is to capture the unique spirit of your people- your friends and family- coming together to celebrate you and stand by your union. Weddings, to us, are much bigger than the little details, the glamour, and even the traditions: they mark the start of a lifetime journey together. They are the result of years of relationship between parents and children, grade school friends and college roommates, and (most notably) two people who unite them all.

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Jessica King

AMAZING. We absolutely loved working with Rob and Kristen! They are so much fun, easy to work with, and really great people. They will do anything to make...

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Jessica Fowler Argo

Rob + Kristen was the best decision I made for my wedding! They captured the day perfectly even with my spooky decor. They were fun to get to know and have...

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Holly Petruso Mulder

Hey, you. Yes.. YOU. Bride-to-be, just reading through reviews trying to find the perfect photographer to contact. Stop what you're doing right now, and se...

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