Why We Love Them

  • Jason has a true passion for the art of a cigar, and all that goes into it.
  • He truly wants to educate while also providing guests with a memorable experience.
  • The Southern Smoke Cigar experience focuses on socialization, relaxation, and fellowship.

What To Know

  • Mobile Cigar Lounge comfortably seating 18 inside and offers up to 2,000 hand rolled premium cigars
  • Groom’s Cottage can be booked as a cigar free space for your grooms to dress prior to your event
  • Most Popular Package Is Churchill


Since 2015 our family has proudly served the Lowcountry in a 34 foot vintage airstream, which has been retrofitted as a premium Mobile Cigar Lounge. Climate controlled with smoke evacuation and fully self-contained, the lounge comfortably seats 18 inside and offers up to 2,000 hand rolled premium cigars to choose from. With options ranging from mild to full bodied, our tobacconist will help your guests select, cut, and light a cigar that is sure to suit any palate. 
Our interior space is handsomely decorated with dark wood floors, period specific tin styled walls, custom leather appointed furniture, and warm Edison-style lighting. Surround sound speakers create an even distribution of music and the lack of screens and TVs means your guests are free to unplug, relax, and socialize with one another. Available for Corporate Events, Weddings, and Private events. With years of cigar expertise and a carefully curated inventory, we at Southern Smoke Cigars offer a one of a kind, luxurious, celebratory experience. Long ashes to you my friends!

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