A Fall Campfire Engagement Session

Logan + Austen | Sep 23, 2017

Logan and Austen met during a college information weekend and talked and texted for about a month before their first official date. They went ice skating in Downtown Raleigh on New Year’s Eve and from that first night, they knew they had something special. Ice skating on New Year’s Eve has now become a special tradition for the couple and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Now that fall is upon us in North Carlina, what better way to capture its essence than an engagement session that includes three things the South loves: fields, football and s'mores -- Logan and Austen’s warm and cozy engagement session was full of all three! They started their shoot in the evening around sunset and headed over to a grain field to soak up the last bit of warm fall sun. The couple enjoyed a lively game of football together before warming up the night with a snuggly campfire and cozy globe lights hanging from an evergreen tree. Logan and Austen ended their session with snuggles around the fire while enjoying some delicious s’mores. Their shoot was fun, romantic, and so full of love!

Congratulations, Logan and Austen! 

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