A Love for the Ages

Mar 14, 2020

Classic, vintage anniversary shoot with earthy tones, pops of pink and a rustic truck on a farm in Red Springs, North Carolina


It all started off as an anniversary gift. They’d originally simply requested updated family portraits, and the farm was the location they wanted to use. The photographer, T. Harris Imagery, knew this shoot was going to be special when he found out that the sweet elderly couple had eloped in the area, and never had a real wedding.

“As a photographer, I know the importance of having wedding photos, and photos in general and I wanted the family to have some sort of heirloom to have for years to come,” said Trevor. “My brain began to turn with ideas of how to combine the already booked family session with an anniversary shoot.”

Out in the brush of the field, this beautiful lady glowed in a tailored two-piece skirt and jacket set, in a vibrant shade of flamingo pink. She wore a delicate string of creamy pearls around her neck, and carried a soft bouquet full of blush and ivory roses, mixed with baby’s breath and sprigs of eucalyptus. Her husband looked effortlessly handsome next to her, in a bone-colored button down, which perfectly complemented the earth tones in the setting.

“Being familiar with styling shoots and decorating, I knew every detail needed to be perfect,” said the photographer. “The location we were using was a brush broom grass field, but it needed something special to bring everything together.”

That something special was an old forest green Ford pickup truck - the focal point of the shoot. The truck was actually made the same year they were married, so including it made perfect sense. It created the most charming centerpiece for this classic farm shoot, paired with romantic blooms, a vintage loveseat display, and a quaint side table set up for an absolutely picturesque day. 

“We were discussing the location and the idea I had in mind when it hit me: a truck,” said the photographer. “Owned by the son of the couple, it didn’t take much convincing when I proposed the idea to him.”

Set up in the grass, there was a canary yellow, velvet tufted loveseat with Victorian-style wood trim. Perched on the cushion was an old black and white wedding photo of the couple, in a beautiful antique wood frame. Her bouquet rested delicately next to it, creating a heartfelt shot.

There was also an antique wood side table next to the truck, covered in a lacey ivory fabric. Resting on top was a pile of books, a few old photographs of the couple, a larger flower arrangement in a brushed gold vase and a single stem arrangement in a white ceramic vase, taper candles and a sprinkle of blush rose petals.

“With 56 years of love under their belt,” said the photographer, “it was no surprise to see the couple tickled pink at the thought of commemorating their love for one another with this shoot.”

The couple posed inside the truck, outside the truck, and out in the grassy brush - sharing kisses, holding hands and locking eyes while the photographer captured every precious moment. Their decades of unconditional love shone through brighter than ever.

On the open truck bed, the couple sat on an ivory knit blanket, decorated with candles in gold-trim glass cases, and a mirrored tray showcasing a single taper candle and a single stem arrangement in a white ceramic vase. The couple cozied up to one another here, while the sun went down on a fairytale day.

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