A Southern Shabby Chic Picnic

May 23, 2019

Bright pink, orange, yellow and green colored styled shoot with a shabby chic style at the southern Charleston Woodlands in Charleston, South Carolina

In Charleston, it’s not uncommon to see bright colors everywhere you look. From clothing to houses to the weather (most of the time!), colors are vibrant, fun and bright and that’s what this styled shoot is all about. The color palette was mixed with a piece of the photographer’s past to create the reminiscent picnic feel. 

“This shoot was all about the south! I wanted to pull in those fun, vibrant, southern colors that we all know and love,” said the planner. “Also, this shoot brought me back to my younger days when my grandmother would take my cousins and I to the beach and at lunch time would throw out a large picnic quilt with designs and patches of fabric that blew my 5-year-old mind away.” 

The shoot started with a very simple, sage green invitation suite. The greenery details immediately set the tone for the southern feel and matched the natural backdrop used for the day. The shoot was photographed beneath large trees with hanging Spanish moss with a lake and trees off in the distance.

It all started with the ceremony set underneath the oversized tree. Shabby chic white wooden chairs lined the aisle and faced a folding wooden piece that was used as a backdrop. A small cluster of tropical leaves hung off the pieces to add that southern touch to the look. 

The first bride and groom pair joined one another at the ceremony site. The bride’s look stayed true to the classic style most commonly seen in the south. Her dress was a simple skinny strap A-line gown. The groom matched his bride’s classic and simple style with a navy blue three piece suit with a light pink bowtie. A bridesmaid in a soft blush dress and a groomsman in a matching three piece suit.

The bright southern, Charlestonian colors were brought in through the flowers. The bride’s bouquet was full of bright pinks and oranges with a pop of yellow, and of course lots of greenery. The bridesmaid’s bouquet tied into the ceremony site with a tropical leaf as the focal point and a few accenting hot pink and white flowers. Even the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres were full of bright oranges and pinks. 

Beneath another tree was the reception table set up and with the help of Heather from Carolina Occasions it looked like the cutest picnic. It was an actual wooden picnic table covered with a green gingham tablecloth. 

“The green gingham chosen for the linen tablecloth was an easy choice,” said Heather. “I knew that was the way to really tie in the overall theme.”

Down the center of the table were a variety of clear and milk glass bud vases filled with bright and vivid florals. At each seat was a rattan charger topped with a white dinner plate and an orange on top for another bright pop of color. There was a champagne glass and a coffee mug at each seat to create more of a daytime picnic reception feel. 

Across from the picnic table was a soft seating area from Snyder Events set up underneath another Spanish moss lined tree. A love seat and two arm chairs with a shabby chic feel huddled around a round wooden coffee table with a crisscross design.  

“Each lounge piece and chair were specifically chosen,” said the planner. “We decided to tie in chairs that accented the shabby chic look.” 

There was a second look debuted by a second bride to showcase the lounge area. The bride wore a form fitting dress with a sweetheart neckline and lace bodice. She carried a different bouquet that still featured the same bright pink and orange colors to add that pop. 

Two other special enhancements to this styled shoot helped add an extra shabby chic feeling. There were two air streamers, one a mobile bar and one a cigar lounge. The bar had eclectic signing and popped with some bright orange on display that were used in the signature drink. 

The Southern Smokes cigar lounge was the perfect Southern accessory to this shabby chic style. 

“To me, an air stream with cigars just scream southern gentleman,” said the planner.

Inside the air streamer there were leather chairs and benches with silver tile walls and industrial style lighting fixtures. It was the perfect addition to this shabby chic and southern wedding style.

The shoot wrapped up with a simple two tiered cake. The cake had orange and green colors slightly tinting the white icing. The cake sat on a wooden slab and had a cluster of greenery on each tier.

We just can’t get enough of this inspiration! 

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