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A Sweet Cidery Engagement Session

Sarah Smaston + Dan Miller | Oct 11, 2017

Sarah and Dan are a very special couple to the Bustld Team because Dan is Samie’s brother! We are so excited for the two of them & can’t wait for their upcoming wedding in March!

Their story starts all the way back in middle school where Sarah and Dan were only acquaintances. Sarah’s younger brother, Scott, was best friends with Dan, but Sarah being the older sister wanted nothing to do with them. It wasn’t until 2015 when Sarah and Dan officially met at Scott’s birthday party, but again, nothing came of their interaction. About a year later Sarah moved from Rhode Island back to Charlotte, and was convinced to join a shuffleboard tournament as Scott’s partner. Unbeknownst to her, this night would end up being the start of their relationship!

Flash-forward to their proposal, Dan jumped through many hoops to plan out his proposal perfectly! His plan was to take Sarah out to a nice dinner for her birthday and then surprise her with a proposal at their townhouse. Dan made a reservation months in advance and told Sarah that 5:00 was the only open reservation so that he could make sure to plan the night accordingly. But Sarah didn’t believe him and went to check the reservation herself. When she found out the whole night was wide open, Sarah quickly texted Samie and told her that she wanted to move the reservation. Dan swiftly adjusted his plan, and the day of the birthday dinner he tried to keep her preoccupied. He wanted to take her shopping so she could have something nice to wear. But again, Sarah changed the plan and told him “no.”

Once they got to the restaurant the dinner couldn’t have gone better. Dan was very eager to get home to give Sarah her surprise! But on their walk up to their house Sarah spotted a photographer hiding behind a car…that was weird she thought. And then Sarah turned and saw their porch covered in rose petals and tons of candles, she gave Dan and hug and asked his what all this was for, but quickly got distracted and spotted another photographer “Who’s that? What’re they doing? Why’re they hiding behind a car?” Before Sarah could ask another question, Dan got down on one knee and completely surprised Sarah! She said yes, and to top it all off, when they got inside their home was filled with all of their family & close friends!

Their engagement session, captured by Samantha Laffoon Photography, was back at their first date spot at Red Clay Cidery and couldn't have been cuter.

Congratulations on your engagement Dan & Sarah! We are so excited for you both!

Creative Team

Samantha Laffoon Photography

Red Clay Ciderworks

Cali Stott Artistry

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