Accenting with Hanging Decor

No matter what wedding style you decide on, up your wedding décor with hanging accents. Hanging decorations are the latest trend to take the wedding world by storm and it certainly brings a large “wow” factor to any event. From flowers to lights to signage, and everything in between, hanging installments are sure to perfectly compliment any wedding style and wow your guests all at once. 

Hanging Flowers 

There are so many different ways to hang flowers at your wedding. Having a head or kings table? Make a big statement with full hanging floral installment over the center of it. Is there a big open dance floor space? Add a greenery or floral chandelier to take center stage in the middle of it. Are you focusing on greenery? Add hanging greenery throughout the room.

Other ways to hang florals are with hanging single buds, hanging terrariums full of flowers, hanging strands of greenery and/or flowers.

Another unique idea, not necessarily hanging on its own, but along the same idea is a flower wall. You can use a flower wall as a ceremony backdrop, a welcome piece, as a drink wall (if it has shelving!), or even a way to hang escort cards!

Hanging Lights

Of course, there are the normal types of hanging lights like chandeliers and market or twinkle lights, but there are other lights you can hang for a more decorative accent. Hanging lanterns and hanging tea lights would be the perfect addition to help set that romantic tone. You can even hang more traditional lights like chandeliers in untraditional places like outside from a large tree or under the arbor you are getting married beneath.

Hanging Cake

One of our favorite hanging accents is the statement making hanging cake. As if a multi-tiered perfectly frosted cake isn’t drool worthy enough, there is something about a hanging cake that makes it even more amazing. Without a table and linen, the focus is truly 100 percent on the cake and makes it really stand out. 

Not really a cake lover? Make a statement with a different type of dessert like donuts and display them on a donut wall. It’s kind of like a hanging installment but just slightly different!

Hanging Signage

If you plan to have any signage, like a welcome sign or escort cards, display them in a statement way. You can hang escort cards using string and clothespins for a vintage lookor hang a welcome sign from a copper pipe stand for a more industrial look.

Find more hanging inspiration by visiting our Wedspiration boards HERE.


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