Adventurous Minimalistic Mountaintop Elopement

Jan 13, 2019

Sunflower inspired intimate elopement with indie and boho style at Max Patch near Asheville, North Carolina

Minimal is the name and elopement is the game. This gorgeous styled shoot was inspired by the thought of an adventurous and intimate elopement. There is little planning involved, which usually amounts to little stress, minimal amount of people (think you, your fiancé and your photographer) and minimal décor. Truly, all you really need is love, but the pretty sunflowers and bohemian style dress doesn’t hurt!

The bride was dressed in a lace sheath long sleeve gown. The bell sleeves were a sheer lace and couldn’t have been more on point. It had a low open back and slight V-neck ruffle neckline. We’re not exactly sure how she hiked up the mountain in that dress, but it was well worth it for the end result!

Next to the bride was her groom, dressed in tan dress pants, a white dress shirt and a light brown leather jacket. 

“The outfits are indie/bohemian inspired, lace, flowy sleeves, and we thought a leather jacket for the groom was fitting with the mountains!” explained the styled shoot’s photographer.

There was a bridal bouquet full of wild flowers. The sunflowers were the predominant inspiration for the wild feeling bouquet. It was full of so many different colors, textures and had so much life to it. A wild bouquet for a wild location! And the trailing ribbons that tied the stems together really added a bohemian touch. The groom had a boutonniere attached to his leather jacket. It was made up of similar, colorful wildflowers to match the bride’s bouquet.   

The bride’s hair also gave off somewhat of a wild vibe. The loose curls were partially pulled back, but the wind was blowing it all around giving it a natural, free spirited look. 

Between the wind, the golden light and the mountains, each picture was more beautiful than the last. The bride’s hair, dress and bouquet ribbons were all blowing in the wind so picturesquely. Not sure whether it’s the fact that a real couple posed as the bride and groom or the backdrop really set the tone, but we are totally feeling the love. And totally feeling the idea of an adventurous elopement!

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Creative Team

Floral Designs by Kari

Max Patch

Nicki Paige Collection

Britt & Bean Photography LLC

Angela Kim Couture

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