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Wedding Inspiration for the Boho Inspired Bride

This wedding season, you will probably see the boho style taking centerstage. Think natural, simple, flowy, soft and earthy. It’s definitely something we can get down with! Looking to bring some boho chic to your wedding day? Here is some inspiration to help you achieve the look.



This is key to creating that relaxed, natural feeling for your wedding day. Your venue will set the tone for the day so it is important to pick somewhere that gives off that vibe.

Look for a venue with outdoor space and scenic view (but of course, always be ready with a rain plan!) that relies upon the natural elements to make a statement – big trees, leaves, greenery and loose landscaping. Lighting is also important when looking for a boho-esque venue. Think natural lighting versus a traditional crystal chandelier – twinkle lights and candlelight everywhere and more vintage looking chandeliers would be the route to go!



Think flowy and texture when it comes to florals. Color is not so much important as is the look as a whole. Ask your florist to use a cascading look to make the florals look more natural. Tie your flowers off in a loose stem tie with hanging ribbons to make it feel flowy.

Avoid more traditional, tight looking flowers like hydrangeas and opt for wilder looking flowers. Go for a variety of different types to help create that textured look. And of course, add lots and lots of greenery! Especially if you have an indoor setting, greenery is the perfect way to help bring the outdoors in.



Keep things natural and simple with décor. Macramé is a great addition to help with that boho look. You can incorporate it into your ceremony arbor, on your guest tables instead of linens or just hanging from trees for something different!

Candles and lanterns are key to creating a natural setting. The natural light will help with that simple and soft look, especially if you are indoors! Keep signs minimal and use natural materials if you do have any signs.


Seating will help make a huge statement in creating that boho feel. While chivaris are beautiful, something more natural looking would be better. Either wooden Tuscan chairs or something a little less traditional like benches or mismatched vintage chairs would be perfect!

Also, soft seating lounge areas will help create that relaxing atmosphere you are looking for. Tufted settees and poufs would offer the perfect seating area for guests to take a break from dancing.

Opt for less traditional table options. Linen-less tables will help the space look more natural and simple. Farm tables could help bring some outdoors nature vibes inside a venue, too.


Fashion and Beauty

Wedding Dress

First and foremost, remember this is your wedding day so pick a dress that you feel your best in, whether it has a boho feel to it or not. Don’t limit yourself to only trying on one particular style or cut, you never know what you’ll look your best in!

Having said that, if you are looking for that perfect bridal boho look, you’ll want something a little less structured, simpler and probably some lace. Think flowy and airy and not a lot of Cinderella or poof. Also, don’t be afraid to try something that isn’t white!



Something that is loose and textured screams boho bride. Think big relaxed curls and down or loose low messy bun with a big side braid. Choose hair accessories instead of tons of jewelry. Something like a jeweled headband or a flower crown would be the perfect addition.



Instead of the traditional look of uniform bridesmaids, mix it up a bit. Mix and match your bridesmaids in different shades of your color palette, maybe even pick out a floral pattern for one girl to wear! Same idea applies here, keep accessories simple but definitely add a hair piece.

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