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Sweet New Year’s Eve celebration

Lauren Jenkins + Alex Sparks | Dec 31, 2016

Clemson sweethearts Alex and Lauren were married on New Year’s Eve as their alma mater played their final game of the year. They were focused on an incredible party since they were getting married on the most festive holiday of the year. All The Right Grooves set the mood with a packed dance floor. Then, right before their last dance, they passed champagne and noisemakers, ringing in the new year with one final dance and view of fireworks in Uptown Charlotte. Their Charlotte wedding captured by Rob + Kristen Photography was the perfect celebration of their love!

But how did it all begin?

Alex and Lauren’s birthdays are only a few days apart so on Alex’s birthday, he decided to give her an early birthday celebration. He surprised here with a set of matching dog tags, one with their dogs name on it and one blank one. He told her to get ready and hop in the car so they could go get her a new puppy. They picked up their puppy and went back to Alex parent’s house to pick up a kennel. But en route, there was one more surprise. They stopped to walk the dog near a rehabbed brick mill that Lauren had said would be a perfect wedding venue. After a bit of pushback, they made it to a grassy area and sat down on a park bench. Of course, Alex’s speech disappeared from his mind and he stumbled through most of what he wanted to say, ending with “will you marry me?” She of course said “yes!” They then headed back to Alex’s house and celebrated with both sets of parents and their two dogs.

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