Cool and Chic Meet Industrial in This Wedding Style Trend

Metallics, Lights and Natural Materials Inspire the Industrial Chic Trend 

Looking for something cool and chic? Maybe less color and more metallics and lighting? Sounds like the industrial chic trend is exactly the right fit for your big day! 


Look for something with mostly indoor space and a lot of design elements. Things like exposed brick walls and exposed duct work would be ideal. Think: a loft, factory or old mill. What would normally feel cold and bare, like cement floors and concrete walls, are perfect for putting that industrial spin on a space. You are looking for something that has a lot of natural textures.


For that industrial chic look, don’t overdo it on the flowers. Greenery is the perfect accent so really beef up the garland. Ivy and moss are perfect greenery options for this. Keep floral colors more muted in bouquets for the bride and wedding party. You want to make sure the natural textures of the room are front and center. 

Another great alternative to the traditional floral blooms are succulents. They give off a more rugged, natural feel that would blend in just right. 


This is where you can really make that industrial statement! Décor can change a space and turn the dingiest of cold cement warehouses into a romantic, warm place full of love. Start with metallics – copper, gold, silver, pewter, rose gold, you name it! Then weave these colors into all sorts of different décor from tablescapes to signs to fun personal accents. 

Geometric shapes are another great décor theme to incorporate. We love centerpieces with terrariums, lanterns and votive holders in different geometric shapes. Also, on the table incorporate the metallic look with the flatware. Who knew silverware came in more than just silver! 

Instead of filling tables with floral arrangements, think outside the box. Try hanging arrangements instead – from hanging floating candles to floating greenery or even hanging lightbulbs!

For signage, think of unique alternatives to the traditional poster and framed signs. Acrylic welcome signs and seating charts are some of our favorites. Wood or metal – really any natural material – are also great alternatives. From table numbers to escort cards – replace all your traditional paper goods with something non-paper!

Metal marquee letters are such a fun industrial accent that is sure to add to any room. Spell out the word “love” or “Mr. and Mrs.” Or spell out your new last name with marquee letters – even better if they are light up!

Lights, lights and more lights! Lighten up that warehouse space with market lights, twinkle lights, candles and lanterns. Nothing is more romantic than a room full of lights. Moral of this story – there isn’t such thing as too many lights! Also, it doesn’t hurt that lightbulbs are super industrial looking!


Another great place to incorporate the industrial metals is with furniture – in fact it will make all the difference! Swapping out Chiavari or folding chairs for metal chairs would really be the cherry on top of the industrial-styled cake. 

For the ceremony, look for an arbor that incorporates some natural materials, like a copper pipe arbor or a wooden structure.

Also, exposed tables will make a world of difference. Leaving out linens and exposing the materials of the table – assuming it is a pretty table, of course! – will really drive home that natural, industrial feel. 

Fashion and Beauty

Just like with wanting exposed natural textures and metallics in décor, think similar for a wedding dress. Something that shows texture like a tulle overlay with tasteful embellishments is what comes to mind. Also, dare to be different with a blush dress which would look magical against all those metallics!

For makeup, a smoky eye and vibrant lip would be a dreamy combination to really seal the deal on the industrial vibe. 


Photo Credit: Alexis Schwallier Photography // Carolina Portrait Designs // Jodie Brim Photography // Images by Amber Robinson

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