Couple Embraces the Summer Drizzle for a Misty Mountain Engagement Shoot

Casey + Chad | Jun 9, 2018

Pilot Mountain Engagement Shoot near Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Casey and Chad’s love story began back on February 1, 2015, at a mutual friend’s Super Bowl party. Although Casey had seen Chad at a Motor Racing Outreach chapel service (a moment that stuck with her even though they didn’t actually talk that day), it wasn’t until a friend introduced them at the party that the sparks flew. That night, they spent most of the evening chatting and Casey remembers leaving the party already thinking of ways to see Chad again! 

The very next week, she was invited to Chad’s sister’s birthday party where they started to get to know each other more… until Chad started calling Casey by the wrong name! Casey laughed it off and Chad got her number and asked her to go out on a date with him the very next day. 

Casey shared, “As I look back on those first few days and write our ‘how we met’ story, I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. While it’s not the romantic type of story we see in movies, it’s our version of romance. It’s the type of story I can’t help but look back and laugh at, while also still having that ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling even three years later.”

Fast forward to February 2018. Chad knew that dates were important to Casey and that she loves to remember things by the date on which they happened. A couple of weeks prior to February 1, 2018, Chad had been working on the perfect proposal plan because he knew the three year anniversary of the day they met would be the perfect time! Both he and Casey are involved in motorsports so they both spend a large chunk of the year traveling to all sorts of racing events, so quality time at home is important to them both. Chad started devising a plan in the middle of December and wanted to surprise Casey before her season started in the middle of February (and make up for not asking her at Christmas time). By the middle of January, he was spending every last dollar buying Casey the perfect ring! After picking out a ring as special as the girl he was going to ask to marry, came the fun part – asking Casey’s dad! Of course, her dad gave Chad his blessing and he moved forward with his grand plan of proposing to Casey at his parent’s house by the lake. 

The day had finally arrived and Chad told Casey that they were going to a really nice dinner for his dad’s birthday (which, as luck would have it, was on February 2) and that she should dress nice. The plan was to be ready to leave at 4:30 but Casey ended up having a last-minute meeting and Chad had to wait a little bit longer to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him. When they were finally “on the way to the restaurant” (or so Casey thought), Chad’s sister called to say their dad had “left his phone at the house” and the pair needed to stop by and pick it up. When they got to Chad’s parent’s house, Chad left the truck running and ran around to the side of the house leading to the dock to make sure everything was in place. A path of rose petals led to the lake and the last step of the plan was for Chad to think of a clever way to get Casey to come to the side of the house. He went with calling Casey to come see that half of the neighbor’s house had been knocked down.

 “Terrible excuse for her to come back there, but it worked,” said Chad.

As she rounded the corner of the house, Casey stopped in her tracks when she saw the rose petals and was completely surprised to see Chad waiting for her down on the dock. When she got to Chad, it was time for the big question! She gave Chad a big “yes!” But the surprises weren’t over! 

The entire time they were outside getting engaged, both of their families were watching excitedly from inside the house! As they hugged, Chad motioned for everyone to come outside and when she turned around, she saw both of their families coming towards them to celebrate! 

“Everything had gone to plan,” said Chad. “My fiancé was completely surprised by the proposal, and even more overjoyed that she got to celebrate it with her family and the people that mean the most to her.” 

This past June, Casey and Chad celebrated their engagement with a fabulous engagement session at Pilot Mountain State Park. Casey wanted pictures with a mountaintop view and sweeping fields with a completely laid back, authentically genuine vibe. Casey and Chad spent the evening dodging summer downpours and drizzles, taking the romantic pictures under a clear umbrella atop the misty mountain summit. Casey’s gorgeous dark red maxi-dress was the perfect pop of moody color and drama for the natural setting. 

They then changed into casual clothes and made their way to a grassy field, where they frolicked and played, setting off colorful smoke bombs until the park ranger kicked them out. 

Their photographer shared, “It was an amazingly blissful night, and I'm even more excited than I was before to shoot their January wedding!”

Congratulations, Casey and Chad on your upcoming wedding! 

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